Chicago, Oak Woods Cemetery

Chicago, Oak Woods Cemetery

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In 1866, Chicago closed the old city cemetery due to its constant flooding, forcing the Federal Government to find a permanent burial ground for the remains of the Confederate prisoners. A lot within the Oak Woods Cemetery was selected, and approximately 4,200 remains were reinterred here between 1865 to 1867.

The one at Oak Woods is about 40 feet tall, according to the National Cemetery Association, part of the Veterans Administration; the National Park Service describes it as a 30-foot granite column.

Camp Douglas & Mass Confederate Grave - Oak Woods Cemetery Chicago The bodies were originally buried in Chicago City Cemetery near the Camp Douglas hospital, but the graveyard was closed due to flooding. The confederate coffins were relocated to Oak Woods Cemetery in.

Camp Douglas, in Chicago, Illinois, sometimes described as "The North’s Andersonville," was one of the largest Union Army prisoner-of-war camps for Confederate soldiers taken prisoner during the american civil war.based south of the city on the prairie, it was also used as a training and detention camp for Union soldiers. The Union Army first used the camp in 1861 as an organizational and.

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Oak Woods is located at 67th and Cottage Grove, not far from the lake. The cemetery was established in 1854, a full five years before Rosehill and Calvary, but no burials took place until 1860. Originally, the cemetery was beyond the city limits but conveniently close to railroad lines. Chicago annexed the area containing Oak Woods in 1890.

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Upon the closing of City Cemetery, the bodies interred there were moved to the new cemeteries – Rosehill, Graceland, Oak Woods. The federal government purchased a section of Oak Woods in 1867 to accomodate the 4200 known casualties of Camp Douglas. The coffins were placed in concentric circular trenches.

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