3 Reasons to Use a Dehumidifier in Your Coral Gables Home

3 Reasons to Use a Dehumidifier in Your Coral Gables Home

Well, you might need a whole-house dehumidifier if: Your home’s indoor humidity is higher than 50%. You’ve seen condensation on your window panes. You have mold or mildew in your home. You’ve noticed an increase in bugs in your home.

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Dehumidifiers remove moisture from air, improving the usefulness of basements by controlling the dampness and the potential damage to your home and possessions. So unless you prefer to use your basement mostly for growing mushrooms and designer mildew, there should be a dehumidifier in your future!

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Mold only needs a few things to grow and multiply:. On the one hand, there will always be mold in your home in the form of spores. This question is difficult to answer in the same way it's hard to say how. 24 hours; Use an air conditioner or a dehumidifier to reduce the indoor humidity levels below 60%.

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