Foreclosure Filings Nearly Double

Foreclosure Filings Nearly Double

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There were 1,050 properties with foreclosure filings in November, down nearly 50 percent compared with 2,077 in. but that doesn’t fully explain the double-digit declines seen nationally and in many.

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From USAToday: Foreclosures drop, but they’re nearly double 2006 home foreclosure filings fell 8% in September from a 32-month peak in August, but they were still nearly double year-ago levels, real estate information company said Thursday.

No doubt some suburbs are still seeing relatively small numbers of foreclosures — but the percentage increases may be in the double digits. number of suburban filings during the first six months.

However, compared to the 1990s, Ohio foreclosures were at least double the total of every year between 1990 and 1996. Despite the recent decrease, since 1995, the number of foreclosure filings has at least tripled in 52 counties, and is up 174 percent statewide. There was one foreclosure for every 117 housing units in the state in 2014.

The only community areas that experienced increases in foreclosure filings were hyde park (20 percent), Calumet Heights (11 percent), and Morgan Park (nearly two percent). The region experienced its largest year-over-year decline in foreclosure auctions since 2011. The number of foreclosure auctions in the Chicago six county region fell from.

His company now has nearly a million sales listings for bank-owned homes. Huge foreclosure inventory And. California had the highest total number of filings for any state, 523,624, more than double.

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Foreclosures nearly double.. "We are estimating that we will see about 2 million foreclosure filings this year," said Rick Sharga, RealtyTrac’s executive vice president for marketing. "We.

Foreclosure Sales Nearly Double from Prior Year.. number of properties in Preforeclosure dropped 8.0 percent due to the relatively high number of Notice of Trustee Sale filings. Properties exiting the foreclosure process nearly matched the number of new Notice of Trustee Sale filings, leaving.

US home foreclosures nearly double from a year ago By Barry Grey 15 November 2007 The staggering rise in US home foreclosures was documented in a report issued Wednesday by RealtyTrac, a.

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The firm reported a foreclosure rate of one foreclosure for every 557 households, with Nevada, Florida and California being hit the hardest. Nevada had the highest foreclosure rate, 1 in 185 households, and nearly triple the filings it had in September 2006.

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